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You have generally seen on TV news or paper the news of "Green Environment" of Bangladesh, which is now in threat. The green environment of our country is being blamed many different ways which is affected on Greenhouse Effect in the world. The most important role behind this disadvantage is the brick Kilns. Because these turbines combine with the black smoke environment, the amount of carbon- dioxide in the air is increasing, which is extremely harmful for us and our future generations. You will be surprised to know that, According to the estimate of the brick-maker Owner's Association every year about 2.5 billion pieces of bricks made in Bangladesh, for which 3800 hectares of agricultural land are cut. Not only this, for the burning of these soils, 50 lakh tons of coal and 30 lakh tons of wood are used. As a result, a lot of natural resources are being wasted and it’s increasing day by day. To protect the environment and agriculture land, the government of Bangladesh plans to stop the production of burning Brick in Bangladesh between years 2020. That is why the business man who are connected with brick kilns, government are suggesting them to use alternative of clay bricks. In this case, the Bangladesh HBRI (House Building Research Institute) researches that concrete bricks can be used as an alternative clay brick, which strong, durable, brighter, light weight and cost is saving. The topic is about the alternative system. We are importing "Auto Concrete Brick/Block Making Machine". This machine can make very easily and quickly concrete bricks. Not only this, it also can make different types of Hollow blocks, Curb stone, Paver etc. For that there doesn’t need any soil, coal not even wood. All we need the raw materials are cement, sand and gravel stones, which are easily available in Bangladesh. That’s mean it is fully Eco-Friendly. When looking at advanced countries, we will get to know that they have been using this technology for many years.

We feel proud because, we (IMEXCO International Ltd.) are presenting & introducing a machine that will play an important role to protect our green environment.

Pre-sales service

We guide customers to choose the best applicable device type and provide the advanced, energy-saving and practical process, and then we are responsible for the site planning and design.

Middle-sales Service

Strictly products inspection, customers are invited to the spot simulation test machine and raise advice in accordance with the contract, we will organize delivery.

After-sales service

Our Company will send technicians to guide device installation, debugging and train operators until customers are satisfied.