Crocodile Fast Patch 928

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Fast Setting Repair Mortar

    • Can be used to patch depths greater than 13 mm
    • For repair of concrete walls, columns, tilt-up panels, and flooring
    • Can be used for specification repairs with very quick return to service such as highways or airport runways
    • Excellent for cold weather repairs or for use in freezer compartments
    • High compressive strength >300 ksc within 3 hours

1 kg / 5 m (joint width 1 x 1 cm)


20 kg



Surface Preparation
For optimum results, bonding surface should be roughened by sandblasting or
other mechanical mean. Remove all loose, unsound, contaminated concrete from
the patch area. Pre-wet and keep bonding surfaces damp preferably for 4 hours
prior to the placement of the patch. Remove excess water and allow drying
slightly before applying Crocodile Fast Patch.

Mix Crocodile Fast Patch928 20 kg with water 2.7 liters or 4.5-5 parts with
water 1 part by volume. Applications over 2 in. (51 mm) in thickness must
be extended by the addition of 50-80% by weight of clean, uniformly graded
3/8 in. (10 mm) maximum size pea gravel. Do not add additional water when
using pea gravel.

Consumption Rate
Crocodile Fast Patch 928 20 kg per 0.011 m3
Crocodile Fast Patch 928 (20 kg bag) 91 bag per 1 m3

After mixing, Crocodile Fast Patch 928 should be placed without delay and
quickly consolidated by tamping. The surface should be either finished or
struck-off with a screed to a level slightly above the surrounding concrete.
Screed leveled surface can be shaved down with the sharp edge of a trowel
as it starts to set. It can be placed within 10 minutes working time.

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