Crocodile GP Grout

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General Purpose Non-Shrink Grout

  • High compressive strength >700 ksc
  • Excellent flow ability to fill of narrow or intricate voids
  • Fine aggregate, enhanced pump ability, reduces segregation and plugging
  • Approximate consumption : 91 bags (20 kg) per 1 m3
American Standard




General Purpose Non-Shrink Grout

  • Crocodile General Purpose Grout is a ready-to-use fluid non-shrink grout specifically for applications where grout is to be pumped or poured into restricted spaces. Typical applications include support of structural elements such as precast walls, beams, columns and panels. Other applications include filling voids around door frames, between precast wall panels, block outs and many other types of narrow or confined areas in concrete construction.

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

  • The concrete bonding surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned to remove grease, oil, dirt, laitance, curing compounds or other contaminants. All loose and unsound concrete must be removed and surface should be roughened. Moisten the concrete bonding surfaces for 4 hours prior to grouting. Remove all excess or standing water from concrete immediately prior to grout placement. Forms must be strong, securely anchored, shored and sealed to prevent grout leakage.


  • Mixing water quantity is suggested only as a guide. Temperature, mixing method, batch size and pump performance for pumped mixes, will influence the amount of water required to place the grout correctly. Always use the minimum water quantity which provides adequate flow ability or fluidity to enable proper placement of the grout. Use only potable water for mixing. Pre-wet and drain mixer for the initial batch. Place the measured mixing water into the mixer. Start the mixer and slowly add the grout. After the grout is added continue mixing for approximately 2 minutes to ensure uniformity.


  • Crocodile General Purpose Grout can be easily pumped using a piston type grout pump. Grout should be placed under structural elements continuously and from one side only to avoid the entrapment of air pockets. Voids can be removed by rodding, strapping or chaining, however, excess working of fluid mixes should be avoided. Multi-Purpose Grout remains pump able for approximately 30 minutes.


  • All grout surfaces should be kept damped for 3 days.


  • The cement might be caused your skin irritation. So it should be used with the protection equipment such as gloves, dust mark and glasses.
  • If the cement gets into eyes or contact with your face, please clean it immediately with clean water and obtain prompt medical attention.
  • Keep out of reach of children

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