Crocodile Protectcrete Mortar

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Waterproofing & Sealing Repair Mortar

    • For repairing and penetrating deeply within concrete to prevent leakage
    • Resists strong hydrostatic pressure and high compressive force
    • Fast setting; dries well even in humid condition

1 kg / 5 m (joint width 1 x 1 cm)


5 kg, 20 kg



Crocodile  Protectcrete  Mortar is a cementitious, ready-mixed waterproof repairing and sealing mortar. It consists of  portland cement, specially treated quartz sand and compound of active chemicals, which resistwater pressure.

Substrate Preparetion

  • Remove all loose, unsound, contaminated concrete or from the patch area. Surfaces must be well moistened to a dull dampness at the time of application. Cracks should be routed out to a U-shaped configuration, approx. 3-4″ (20 mm) wide and a minimum of 3-4″ (20 mm) deep.

Proportion of Mixing

  • Crocodile Protectcrete Mortar 4.5 kg. per water 1 liter
  • Crocodile Protectcrete Mortar 2.5 part per water 1 part


  • Mix Crocodile Protectcrete Mortar 2.5 parts with water 1 part by volume. Prepare only as much as can be applied within 30 minute.


  • After proper surface preparation and routing to appropriate configuration, prime areas to be patched of repaired with a slurry coat of Crocodile Perfect Shield, fill cavity flush to surface with Crocodile Protectrete Mortar in mortar consistency or apply Crocodile Protectcrete Mortar in layers of 1-2″ (12.7 mm) until desired profile is obtained.

Estimated Coverage

  • 1 kg / 5 m (joint width 1×1 cm)


  • Paste may cause injury to skin or eyes. Use of rubber gloves, dust masks, eye protection, and other safety equipment is recommended.
  • If contact with eyes occurs, flush immediately and repeatedly with water, and then contact doctor immediately.
  • Avoid contact with skin. Wash thoroughly after handling.
  • Keep out of reach of children

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