Crocodile Skim Coat Sanded

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Cementitious Skim Coat (Sanded)

    • Beautiful, smooth or sanded surface finish; thickness 1-3 mm
    • Can create texture before painting
    • Great for covering pin holes, cracks and surface unevenness

1.3 kg / Sq m (thickness 1 mm)


25 kg



A Skim Coat is a thin layer 1-6 mm of cementitious plaster which is “Skimmed” , e.g. applied very thinly onto interior and exterior of plustered and concrete surfaces. Skim Coats can be applied to concrete, light weight concrete, blockwork and rendered surface.

Product features

  • Improved surface durability; no cracking
  • Improved bonding to the base coat
  • Covering of pin holes and surface unevenness
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Excellent, smooth or sanded surface finishes
  • Reduce paint consumption

Application Instruction
Substrate Preparetion 
The substrate must be clean and free from loose particles, dirt, grease and traces of foreign material. For loose plaster areas, remove any defective materials and re-plaster the area. If the job site is hot or windy, dampen dry surfaces before application.
Proportion of Mixin 
Skim Coat Sanded 3.4 kg per water 1 liter or Skim Coat Sanded 2.7-3 part: Water 1 part (by volume)
Estimated Coverage 
1.3 kg / 1 sq.m (Thickness 1 mm.)

Using a steel trowel, apply Skim Coat evenly to the desired thickness. If it necessary to increase the thickness of Skim Coat, apply a second coat after the first has set (approx. 15-45 min). Skim Coat Smooth thickness varies from 1-6 mm. The surface should be smoothed with steel trowel. Sanding may be used to obtain an even higher degree of smoothness. Once Skim Coat has dried, a final coat such as a sealer and decorative paint may be applied.

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