Crocodile Tape Seal – M

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Butyl Waterproof Tape

  • Butyl rubber based
  • Aluminum foil reflects radiation and heat
  • Covers overlapping joints under roofing or joints large than 5 cm
  • Heat resistant to over 80°C
  • High strength and can be painted over
  • Easy to apply, just release back paper and press

10 cm width x 3 m length
28 cm width x 3 m length
28 cm width x 10 m length



Crocodile Tape Seal-M is a self adhesive, Butyl Rubber base sealing tape. Upper side laminated with aluminium foil (paintable) and lower side protected with a release laminated brown paper.

Product features

  • Butyl Rubber base, weather proof and UV resistance,
  • Aluminium Foil reflect radiation and heat, High strength and over paintable.
  • Good adhesion to many substrate, self adhesive.
  • Easy to apply, just release back paper and press.
  • Wild temperature working range.


  • Roof including metal sheet.
  • Gutter and drainage, exhausted hood .
  • Gap, building joint or overlap.
  • Building crack.
  • Felt and other type of roof sheet.

Application Instruction

  • The subatrate must be sound,clean dry and free from all surface contaminants.
  • All loose particles, laitance, paint, rust and poorly adhering material must be removed.
  • Cut the tape to reqired length, remove release paper and press firmly onto substrate.
  • All joint connection should be overlapped min 5 cm.


  • temperature range for use : 5o C to 40o C
  • It is therefore essential to avoid applying Crocodile Tape Seal-M during raining weather, and to protect the surface until a dry protecting film has formed.
  • In view of the wide range of materials available, especially porous materials (e.g. Carrara marble) a representative test should be carried out prior to application in order to ascertain the need for primer
  • Keep out of reach of children

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