QFT10-15(300) Automatic Block Making Machine

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This machine has a large capacity and can produce various kinds of the concrete products; the design of secondary feeding is to produce the colorful paving stones. The height can be increased to meet the customer’s requirement and the max height of the blocks can be 400mm. It has the feature of stable and reliable performance and suitable for the large and medium scale enterprises to have the fully-automatic production line and the fully-automatic production line with curing rack which both have a high level of automation, it can maximize the capacity and benefit.



Model: QFT10-15(300) 

In order to meet the requirements for high block, we developed QFT Series Block Machine which can be for concrete blocks with height of 250mm to 300mm making.

Technical data

Dimension  10590x2120x4532mm
 Rating pressure  21MPa
 Vibration  Table vibration
 Vibration frequency  2800 – 4500r/min
 Pallet size  1100x870mm
 Cycle time  15-25sec.
 Power  58.18 kW


Items Size (LxWxH) Pcs./mould Pcs./hour Pcs./8hours One year(300days) production
Blocks 390x190x190mm 10 1,800 14,400 4,320,000
Porous Bricks 240x115x90mm 28 6,720 53,760 16,128,000
Solid Bricks 240x115x53mm 52 12,480 99,840 29,952,000
Holland Bricks 200x100x60mm 36 5,184 41,472 12,441,600

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