QFT5-15 Automatic Block Making Machine

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This machine has the feature of easy operation, excellent products quality, stable performance and low operating cost, it can satisfy the various production requirements, like the baking-free bricks, permeable paver, hollow blocks, curb stones and so on. And the height of products also can be heightened according to customer’s requirements; the maxium height of the blocks can be 300mm



Model: QFT5-15


1) The unique arch beam demoulding structure ensure the accurate demoulding requirements, which avoid the damage to blocks and easy to maintain and adjust.
2) The advanced percussive vibration system has better vibration effect which can also reduce the shock to the framework , to ensure the machine with long lifespan
3) The feeding cart is driven by gearbox, which can reduce the cycle time and improve the production efficiency.
4) Forming machine is customized to satisfy customer’s requirement, the max. Height of product can reach 300mm

Technical data

 Dimension  3000×2090×3000mm
 Rating pressure  21MPa
 Vibration  Table vibration
 Vibration frequency  2800 – 4500r/min
 Pallet size  1100×560mm
 Cycle time  11-25sec.
 Power  25.8kW


Legend Product size (mm) Pcs./Pallt Pcs./Hour
390*190*190 5 900
390*140*190 6 1080
200*100*60 18 2592
225*112.5*60 16 2304

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