Silver Crocodile

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Medium Bed Tile Adhesive
Perfect formulation for large porcelain tile installation,especially on walls

  • High quality with quadruple (4X) durability and bonding strength
  • Perfect for installation of large size porcelain, granite and marble tile
  • Can bond large tiles to walls without the need for supports (height not exceeding 3 meters)
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use on floors and walls

** Highly Recommended for use with Crocodile Turbo Plus

American Standard

ANSI A 118.1


20 kg

  • Grey
  • White




Silver Crocodile composed of Portland cement, sand, special chemical additives, and a latex powder for increasing adhesive strength. It is used as a bond coat for setting larger size of porcelain, marble, natural granite, and other larger ceramic tiles, over a variety of substrates for interior, exterior both wall and floor.


  • All surfaces on which tile is to be set must be dry, structurally sound, free of all grease, oil, dirt, dust, curing compounds, sealers, coating, efflorescence, old adhesive residues, gypsum based underlayment and any other foreign matter.

Proportion of Mixing

  • Silver Crocodile 20 kg (per bag) per 5.4-5.6 L of water or 2.5-3.0 parts of Silver Crocodile per 1 part water by volume


  • Mix Tile Adhesive with clean, potable water thoroughly until smooth with a mechanical mixer at a low speed (150 rpm).
  • Let mortar slakes for 15 minutes before mixing a second time.
  • Do not add water, latex, or additional powder after slaking period.


  • Spread mortar with flat side of trowel to key-in substrate, and then apply additional mortar to ensure that it cover 100% at the back of tile.
  • During the setting of tiles, it is advised to occasionally remove a tile to be sure mortar has not skinned over and sufficient transfer is being made.
  • It is also required that tile be embedded to obtain good transfer of mortar to the tile and for proper alignment.
  • Do not adjust tiles in mortar after they have been set for longer than 15 minutes.

Curing and Grouting

  • A minimum cure is obtained in 24-48 hours, depending on ambient temperatures.
  • For better quality, Crocodile Grout should be chosen to suit each type of tiles. Crocodile Grout has many types and color for each joints and places


  • Grouting after tile installation at least 48 hours to achieve maximum efficiency


  • Do not use tile adhesive with wood, asphalt, plastic coat or PVC, metal and mirror. (Do not allow frost within 72 hours)


  • May be harmful to the eyes, skin, or lungs. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, and eye/face protection
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice
  • After contact with skin, wash immediately with water
  • Keep out of reach of children

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