Project Report for QFT 3-20

Project Report for QFT 3-20 Simple Automatic Production Line

Part 1: Sketch of production Line & Main machine introduction

Part 2: Main Feature & Advantage of QFT3-20 Block Making Machine 

Part 3: Investment budget 

Part 4: Successful project 


Part 1: Sketch of production Line & Main machine introduction.


Customer Investment 1.Electricity consumption: 50KW (For concrete mixer, main machine and Stacker). Capacity of Generator required: 80KW 2.Operator: totally 6~8persons/ shift 3.Land Area:1500 ㎡ needed in total,including 100㎡ Workshop,500㎡Raw materials storage for 15 days, 400 ㎡ Curing yard,500㎡ Finished products for 28 days.


② Production output in QFT3-20


1. QFT3-20 can produce hollow block, solid bricks,paving stone, curb stone by changing the mould only. 2. All the mould can be made according to customer’s design. 3. All kinds of moulds can be made according to customers’ drawing


③Raw Material Ratio: Cement, sand and stone


Notes: 1. The above ratio only for reference, appropriate adjustment according to actual market. 2. The max. diameter of aggregate should be ≤10mm, the powder of aggregate of which diameter less than 0.15mm should not be more than 20%. 3. The forming cycle for brick is 15~17sec., for block is 20sec.and for curb& colored paver are 25 sec.

Main feature & Advantage of our QFT3-20 Block Making Machine

1. Making System:More detail information about the QFT10-15, please refer to the Main Machine introduction above.




2.Hydraulic system: The coordination of double vane pump and proportional valve could mutually complement either big or small pump is not powerful enough. Adjusting hydraulic pressure and flow controls vibration frequency and range thus change forming cycle time according to different concrete products.

3.Color Feeding System:It is used to make paver with color surface.

4.Pallet feeder:It is used to transfer pallet. Pallets will be sent to forming machine automatically.(Pallet size: 680×535×18mm)

5.Stacker:It is used for stack the bricks,with one automatic stacker,two labor cost will be saved.

6.PLC Control system The PLC controls each production procedures with Japanese Mitsubishi, both in English and Chinese. Major Electrical Components:French Schneider


◆ Mould frame are made of 55# Manganese steel, and tamper head is made of 16# manganese steel. M

◆ ould frame is made with inlaid structure, and mould are processed via the procedures of Heat Treatment System—–carburizing,nitriding and quenching which guarantee the hardness strength of mould core could be HRC33 and mould surface could be HRC61. The lifespan of mould

◆ can be used 100 thousands times.

8. PVC pallet

*Size: 680*535 *18 mm
*Loading Capacity: more than 1000kg
*Lifespan: about 5–6 years

(Optional) Automatic Batching System,it can batch the aggregate automatic,with two bins.

10.JS500 Concrete Mixer —-Double horizontal shafts forced mixing mode.

11.Belt conveyor

# Belt: Made of imported Neoprene material, seamless joint,650mm width, 7.5m length, 10 layers,up to 10mm thickness for high toughness,heat-resisting.

# High-quality stainless steel material, high hardness, excellent abrasion proof.Surface mirror polish to protect belt wearing out.

# Using new design U-type to fully convey raw material without a leak.

  # Water permeable bricks 


# Colorful paver stone

—–> Everything we do it for you.

A. Could not add a name to the formula? The parameters in the touching screen had lost?

Our supervisory software can help you to solve this problem. We can lead the formulas into the touching screen easily.

B. The production could not be continued because of the damage of the touching screen?

Our host machine can carry on the production instead of the touching screen which is the advantage of our double screen double control system.

C. Tired to copy production data from the machine for the reporting statistics?

Our one key generation function makes your work easy.

D. Could not check the operation situation of the workshop in your own office?

Our system can connect to LAN for you to check operation detail of the machine in your own office.

E. The manufacturer of the machine could not help you to solve a problem by remote manipulation?

Our system can connect to outer net for our engineers to connect with the machine’s system which can solve all problems for customers.



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